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New Product Information


Yokomo YZ-2 - 1/10th-scale EP 2WD Offroad Competition Kit

Yokomo is introducing the all-new YZ-2, a state-of-the-art 1/10th-scale EP 2WD offroad competition mid-motor chassis kit, engineered from the ground-up for today’s racing environment and designed to deliver leading-edge developments to offroad enthusiasts, all while offering a luxurious feel by featuring black-anodized aluminum parts with chamfered edges for select components.

In recent days, offroad racing has seen a shift toward high-grip surfaces; use of artificial turf, carpet and even high-grip dirt has become more and more prevalent. Last year’s World Championships was held on a dirt track where the surface was covered with sugar water to increase the grip.

With these developments in the offroad racing scene, the YZ-2 was designed from the ground-up to perform its best in today’s high-speed, high-grip race tracks.

By employing a super-low center-of-gravity motor mount and gearbox, the YZ-2 has realized an unprecedented weight balance never seen before in offroad racing cars, resulting in dramatically reduction of traction rolls on high- grip surfaces, and improved overall stability of the car.

An innovative steering design where the wiper swing action is directed toward the rear of the car affords a more direct steering response compared to conventional designs. The hard-coated, low-friction anodized aluminum cylinders leads to smoother shock absorbing movements which allows better driving characteristics.

Also, quick alignment adjustments can be made without the need of optional parts by replacing the bushings of the front hub carrier and rear suspension mounts, a quality that can be an advantage in adapting quickly to various track conditions.

Everything about the Yokomo YZ-2 has been designed to provide an advantage for racers in today’s offroad racing scene.


Not included: 2-channel radio system (transmitter, receiver, speed controller, servos), battery, charger, motor, tires, polycarbonate paint.

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New Product Information

BD7 2015 Black Series

Available on October 11, 2014

Yokomo BD7 2015 Black Series - High-Performance Competition Touring Car Kit

Yokomo is introducing the BD7 2015 Black Series high-performance competition touring car kit for the 2015 racing season, the successor to the highly-popular and race-winning BD7 2014.

Stability and cornering speed are two important factors when it comes to racing. This is also true in the R/C touring car category. The BD7 2015 has been engineered to deliver those two contrasting but essential characteristics to assist you in achieving success not only in high-speed races of the modified class, but also for stock class racing where regulations restrict maximum speed. The performance potential the car possesses becomes a major advantage in gaining the upper hand.

The Yokomo BD7 platform has pioneered the configuration that improves grip by reducing the rigidity of the bulkhead area. The BD7 2015 further evolves that trend setting concept by lowering the center-of-gravity with the bulkhead caps, and enabling variable adjustment of the front and rear grip balance by attaching or removing the newly-designed cross bulkhead. These features gives the new BD7 2015 much higher cornering speed, a level which is out of this dimension.

Furthermore, the newly-designed motor mount, battery holder and chassis contributes to the improved roll characteristics. Of particular importance is the newly-developed battery holder which affixes the battery in a way that does not disrupt the excellent torsion characteristics of the chassis, which allows nearly-equal left and right steering characteristics, leading to improved handling and reduced uneven wear of the tires.

The performance potential that the new BD7 2015 has acquired through continued technological innovation will no doubt make the BD7 2015 the ultimate competition kit and it will continue to lead the current touring car racing scene!

Yokomo will lead you to victory!


Optional parts (sold separately)

Parts list

Please refer to the BD7 2015 product page. The part listing can be viewed by clicking on the "Parts list" tab.

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New Product Information

BD7 2014 Aluminum Main Chassis

Available in late June

Introducing the BD7 2014 Aluminum Main Chassis (BD7-00214A)

Yokomo is proud to introduce a competition-ready high-grade aluminum main chassis for the BD7 2014, the flagship model of the Yokomo belt-driven touring car kit.

The new aluminum main chassis (Item No. BD7-00214A) is optimized for driving on various high-traction surfaces such as carpet and indoor asphalt. By lowering the center-of-gravity and increasing stiffness, the aluminum chassis enhances the responsiveness of the car, contributing to faster negotiations around turns.

With the high thermal conductivity of aluminum, the chassis is more effective at keeping the car cool while running, which is crucial in preventing electronics from malfunctioning during rigorous conditions.

Machined from 2.0 mm high-grade black-anodized aluminum, the chassis has beveled edges, giving it a luxurious finish and aesthetics which matches perfectly with the BD7 2014 Black Series.

The new aluminum main chassis (Item No. BD7-00214A) for the BD7 2014 will be available in late June.

Yukijiro Umino, the chief designer of the BD7 2014 had the following to say about the making of the new aluminum chassis:

"I wanted to create an aluminum chassis that would perform excellently on both carpet and asphalt surfaces. In order for that to become reality, I searched for the ideal type of 7075 aluminum material then closely scrutinized the thickness, shape and weight. It's not an easy feat to deliver a versatile competition aluminum chassis."

Umino continued to explain how the versatility of the new aluminum chassis contributes to the enhanced controllability on various surfaces.

"When driving on carpet, the rigidness of the aluminum reduces traction roll when there's too much grip. This allows aggressive set ups which aims to gain an edge by turning corners at higher speed."

"On asphalt, the chassis' stiffness contributes to the overall stability, improving the handling characteristics of the car."

"The versatility of the new aluminum chassis is unmatched."

"I'm confident that this is the best aluminum chassis for the BD7 2014," declared Umino, with a confident smile.

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Team Yokomo News

Ronald Völker is the 2014 Euro Touring Series Champion with BD7-2014!

With two remaining rounds in the 2013/14 season of the Euro Touring Series (ETS), the 5th Round was held on June 6-8, 2014 in Luxemburg for the first time in the history of the series. The event was held at the LMCC track, a large track coming in at 400-meters per lap, with an 80-meter straightaway which is used by 1/5th scale cars.

Round 5 of this year's ETS was a very important race for Ronald, as winning this race would mean he would be crowned as the ETS Champion for 4 straight years in a row! In the past, every season would leave the suspense of deciding the winner of the series until the very last round, but this year, Ronald and the BD7-2014 would come to grab that prestigious title on Round 5, demonstrating the spectacular performance of both the driver and car.

In this round, Ronald was also joined by Yannic Prümper, Jasmin Loic, Cyril N'diaye, Dominic Vogl and Hayato Matsuzaki from Japan. Team Yokomo and the BD7-2014 has been showing its exceptional performance even from the practice rounds, with Ronald coming in 1st and Yannic coming in 2nd, dominating the top spots during controlled practice.

Ronald's performance accelerated further, during the qualification rounds he maintaining his lead and finished TQ with a perfect score. During the final rounds, his unmatched speed and stability continued and his victory was decided in the 2nd of the 3 final rounds.

Ronald Völker and the Yokomo BD7-2014 attaining the title of 2013/14 ETS Series Champion before the conclusion of the series demonstrated the overwhelming performance of the BD7-2014 in one of the world's fiercest racing scene. With Ronald getting the 4th Series Champion in 4 straight years, excitement builds toward the 2014 IFMAR EP Onroad World Championship to take place in Florida, USA this October.


New Product Information

Drift Package DIB ver.2 - Available in Blue and Red

Available now!

DIB ver.2 Blue (DP-DIB2) DIB ver.2 Red (DP-DIB2R)

Introducing the Drift Package DIB ver.2 - High-End Drift Car with Aluminum "A" Arms

The belt-driven DIB which has been popular with expert drifters has been updated!
The Drift Pacakge DIB ver.2 comes equipped standard with aluminum "A" arms, greatly improves the adjustability of the front alignment.

Sporting a high-rigidity lower suspension arm and dedicated upper bulkhead, the adjustment in the longitudinal direction has been improved in both the upper and lower sections, and also the wheel base and caster angles can be freely adjustable as well. In addition, the the lower arm can be adjusted with variable tread and the damper attachment position can be adjusted as well.

The DIB ver. 2 delivers an ideal suspension system for drifting.


Pricing and Availability

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New Product Information

BD7 2014 and BD7 2014 BLACK SERIES [Limited Edition]

Now Available!

NOTE: The car is shown with optional parts installed.
The kit does not include body, wheels, tires, motor, batteries and other R/C electrics.

Discover the Model which will Lead Touring Car Racing into a New Era

The BD7 2014 is a true evolution of Yokomo's top of the line 1/10 electric touring car, having benefitted from engaging in numerous competitive races in Europe -- the center of touring car racing.

It has proven its strength around the world, and even as its rivals have lagged behind each passing year, it is making a brilliant step forward into the next frontier.

The BD7 2014 features a motor mount located at the center of the chassis, and a redesigned steering bellcrank. While improving the driving response, it achieved both better handling of high-speed turns while maintaining grip.

The shock cylinders employ high-quality low-friction hard anodized aluminum to greatly reduce internal friction of the shocks, which absorbs shock from the slightest gap in the track surface to dramatically improve control.

In addition to the standard kit featuring blue anodized parts, a limited quantity Black Series model with its illustriousness resembling that of a black diamond will be available.

The BD7 2014 has elevated both performance and appearance to a form of art.

Discover the model which will lead touring car racing into a new era. Be the first to experience it.

BD7 2014

BD7 2014 Black Series [Limited Edition]



New Product Information

YRS Roadster

Now Available!

Introducing the YRS Roadster - 1/12 scale R/C roadster

Driving down the winding road through the forest, sunlight trickling through the trees,
Cruising down the coastline with the seabreeze from the blue sea,
With your imagination, the possibilities are limitless,
Get ready to dream up your world with
the YRS Roadster.

Press Coverage


A driving set (YRS-RSG3) consisting of the radio system, servo, ESC, batteries and charger will be required to run the YRS Roadster.

New Product Information

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BL-PRO3, BL-RS3, and BL-SP3 Electroic Speed Controllers

Yokomo is proud to announce that our family of speed controllers has been updated!

BL-PRO3 and BL-RS3

The BL-PRO3 and BL-RS3 now has a newly added ABS feature, and is first in its class to include a reverse mode.

The upper case has a integrated aluminum heatsink to ensure maximum heat dissapation to increase endurance under rigorous driving conditions.

With the addition of a dedicated programming port, it is now possible to easily program the ESC without needing to disconnect it from the receiver.

The BL-PRO3 is offered in two models; one with connection cables already soldered (Product Code: BL-PRO3B), and another without the cables soldered (Product Code: BL-PRO3N).


The BL-SP3 has an enhanced BEC and sports an aluminum-plated case.

The superiority of included programs which give an advantage in races where motor and ESC features are restricted has been proven by dominating top ranks of Touring Car Sports Class of the JMRCA Japanese Nationals last year.

Due to its lightweight and compactness, along with its reasonable pricing, this speed controller is very popular in the Stock category.

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YBP3 Programmer for the BL-PRO3, BL-RS3 and BL-SP3

The YBP3 (Product Code: BL-YBP3) is a new programmer supporting the BL-PRO3 series of speed controllers.

By connecting this programmer to the ESC's programming port, one can easily and quickly configure the speed controller to provide the desired throttle response.

Not only does the YBP3 support the new family of ESCs, it also supports the BL-PRO2 families of speed controllers as well.

Note: The previous generations of programmers (YBP and YBP2) does not support the new line of speed controllers (BL-PRO3 and BL-RS3). The BL-PRO3 and BL-RS3 requires the use of the YBP3.

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